Satyam Bansal
2 min readFeb 26, 2018


Checkout my first full stack application written in Node JS, Express and MongoDB

this Image is bullshit. its just to get your attention!

For So long time I wanted to develop an full stack application in Node JS and express just to get better understanding of these technologies and land a good job in this field.I have already read hundreds of tutorial on Medium, and other popular sites. also created sample programs to try particular functionality or concept.but somehow i was not able to connect these dots.

So i thought i will try to develop an application from scratch and i think partially I’ve done it.

I would like to share my first application that is “An Amazing Library that showcase the functionality of local book library” with all of you.

Things that I’ve learned and you also can from this project:

  1. User SignUp/Login functionality
  2. How To Use Express Routing to handle various end points
  3. How to use express session to manage user session
  4. How to Create Database Schema for your models using mongoose(it is ORM for MongoDB)
  5. How to perform CRUD operations in database
  6. How to use handlebars to show dynamic data to user

One important thing is I’ve placed proper comments everywhere to explain why I’ve used certain method to do that particular thing.

Checkout my project GitHub repo:

Working Demo is available on:

I would be more than happy to know your valuable feedback on this thing to make it better.